A little corner of my world

Arriving in Seville was certainly overwhelming to say the least.  Ever since I can remember I had lived in only one city and knew it like the back of my hand.  When driving through Seville after a long journey through three different airports, I thought to myself I am going to get lost everyday here.  At first I thought of this as a negative thing, but in these last few weeks of living here, I find myself urging to get lost.  By getting lost in these streets I’ve found the most amazing small tapas bars, winding back roads, little side shops, and beautiful buildings.

IMG_3627 IMG_3624

Although getting lost in the city has given me many hidden gems there is always one place that I can count on for a breathtaking view.  The Plaza de España is one of the most incredible pieces of architecture, in my opinion, in Seville.  The massive building is surrounded by a park that you could walk around in for hours.  You’ll see many people laying in the grass taking a snooze, vendors selling little trinkets, and horse-drawn carriages ready to take you for a stroll.  The building its self is inscribed with so much history.  The detailing on the floor, ceiling, and railings could keep you entertained for hours.  Instead of burrowing myself in a coffee shop during the day to focus on my studies, which is what I should be doing, I find myself claiming a spot at the Plaza de España to sit and enjoy what Seville has to offer.




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