Post for social media class: Censorship On the Internet

In my opinion, the discussion about censorship on the internet is one of the hardest ones to debate.  I believe that social media platforms should have complete freedom of expression.  I mean there is a law stating that we all have the right to freedom of expression.  Now just because I have this opinion that people should be able to say whatever they want on the internet, doesn’t mean I agree with what they are saying.  The way that I look at this type of situation is that there will always be at least one person that disagrees with you.  Whether that be on the subject of someone disliking bananas, or something more extreme like a controversial opinion on someone’s religion.  Because this is the view I have on this particular topic I don’t think any one person has a more important opinion than the person sitting next to them.  I don’t think that anyone can come up with a rule book on what is considered offensive and what is not.  The way people’s opinions are expressed could be offensive to one person but not the next.  There is no way of coming up with a list of what could be taken as offensive.  I believe that people should be able to express whatever opinions that they have wherever they would like.

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