Lost in Translation

During the last few months leading up to my departure to study abroad everyone seemed to be asking me the same set of questions.  After explaining that I would be studying in Seville, Spain the preceding conversation would go as follows:

“Are you a Spanish minor?”, or ” Do you speak very much Spanish”

“Nope, just going and winging it”

“Aren’t you nervous?”

“Not really! I’m hoping after immersing myself I will catch on pretty quickly”

Since arriving in Seville I realized my attitude, although positive, could not have been more wrong.  It is one of the most nerve-wracking, and frustrating feelings to have so much to say to someone and not having the words to say it.  Understanding what someone is saying in Spanish comes much easier than the responding.  I am very thankful that I choose to live in a homestay during my time here because it challenges me daily to immersing myself in the language.  Slowly but surely I feel myself progressing everyday.  Although these feelings are almost constant in my daily routine, I have found other ways to communicate with the people around me.  My host mother, Rocio, bless her soul for putting up with me, speaks slower and with her hands to get her point across to me.  Just this past week she made my roommate, Dylan, and I an amazing paella.  The shrimps were still in their shells, and when she saw us struggling to open them she showed us the proper way.  After demonstrating she told us to suck out the meat from the shrimp heads…I don’t know if I’ve laughed so hard during my time here before that moment.  Our faces instantly showed Rocio that sucking on a shrimp head was not going to be something we would try anytime soon.  All three of us shared a moment of immense laugher and joy.  These are the moments that I don’t need to know every word in the Spanish language to explain my feelings.  Through laughter, gestures, and body language I have found a way to express myself.  I’m hoping that I eventually learn the words to explain myself also, I’ll keep y’all posted on that one.

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