A Celebration featuring Cliffs

This past week marked my one month of living here in Seville; and man oh man did I celebrate in the best way! This last weekend was for sure my favorite since being here. It was filled with beautiful sites, great company, and lots of exploring. The weekend started off with a good nights sleep, this may seem very average to most but considering it was a Thursday night here in Seville being in bed before 5am was a great accomplishment. On Friday morning 17 of us from my program, CEA, headed to Barbate, Spain. It was quite the trek to get there, but more than worth it. I took a train for the very first time, and it was surprisingly anticlimactic and much slower than I imagined. Once getting to Barbate we all sprinted towards the beach, after a bathroom break of course. The sand felt amazing between my toes, but the water felt more like ice cubes on my feet. After enjoying a few more minutes we headed for the cliffs, barefoot. I haven’t really walked barefoot on the cement since I was a little girl playing in my neighborhood, I was reminded why I loved it so much. Walking along the side of the road barefoot, listening to music, surrounded by friends, I felt at peace and truly joyed. As we reached the path that would lead us up to the cliffs I was surprised that it was paved with sand and not rock. Happiness spread throughout my body because this meant I could be barefoot just a little longer. The day could not have been anymore perfect, the sun was beaming down on us, and the slight breeze was just enough to cool us down. The scenery was indescribable, so good thing I have pictures to show you.




IMG_4043 IMG_4027

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