Post for social media class: Transmedia storytelling

The product I choose to look into was the series Twilight.  This phenomenon took the world by storm around 2006-2007.  The media platform in which Twilight originates from is the book series by Stephenie Meyer.  After the book series caught some major buzz it turned into a movie series that brought in millions.  The first book was published in 2005 and the first movie was release in 2008.  It only took a few years for this phenomenon to “spread”, and continued to be popular for many years to come.  Total earnings from the Twilight franchise was $5,736,100,000.  The Twilight phenomenon connects to most of the seven features of TMS.  It connects to spreadability and drillability because the audience was able to engage in both the books and movies.  The storyline was also very complex so it kept the readers engaged.  For continuity the books turned into movies so the readers had multiple platforms.  Immersion is a big one with Twilight because of its alternative world that the readers enter.  As the series built buzz merchandise became more readily available (extractability).  World building is also a big one with Twilight because of the world that Stephenie Meyer built in her books.  The Twilight series also started the obsession with vampires and other creatures making subjectivity a big part of the TMS.  Lastly the performance from the fans are what made Twilight such a successful phenomenon.

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