God Sent: Taco Bell and the Natural Beauty of Ronda

After a long weekend of travel it was going to be nice staying in Sevilla for a weekend to just relax and enjoy the city that I have come to love.  But of course I couldn’t sit still for too long.  A few friends had planned a short day trip to Salobreña and Ronda.  The trip was going to include rock climbing and cliff jumping, therefore I couldn’t resist this opportunity.  In order to get to Salobreña we had to take a train to Malaga and then a bus to Salobreña.  When we arrived at the train station in Malaga we were all a little hungry for a late breakfast or early lunch.  When walking through the train station I spotted the all too familiar sign of Taco Bell.  I kid you not there were tears of happiness building up in my eyes.  I sprint up the stairs to get in line to finally enjoy a Quesarito after many months of being separated from my true love, Taco Bell.  I received the biggest disappointment possible, it was closed and wouldn’t open until after my bus left.  Luckily it would still be open after I returned from Salobreña, and you can bet your bottom dollar that was what I was looking forward to all day.


Salobreña is a very small town on the southern coast of Spain.  When we arrived it wasn’t too difficult to find the large rock that is known for people to jump off of into the Mediterranean.  The morning was quite windy which made me a tad nervous to be jumping into freezing cold water and having a large tide.  There was a restaurant just below the rock that were very generous with their information about jumping.  One of the workers so kindly showed us the way up and where to jump off.  After being up on top of the 50 ft. rock debating on whether we were going to actually jump or not, we decided food and liquid courage was very necessary for the decision.  We ordered some amazing seafood where I tried octopus for the first time, and surprisingly I liked it!  My taste buds have continued to surprise me.  If you know me well then you are aware of my eating habits and I am proud to say that I have tried everything that has been put in front of me!  After having a few drinks I finally got up the courage to make the small jump.  IMG_4767

The next day we headed to Ronda to see the famous bridges that surrounded the city.  This place was honestly one of the most breathtaking sights I have had the pleasure of seeing.  The small town was lovely and the view just upped the ante.  At the first viewing platform that we went to you could see for miles.  Miles of green lush, mountainous regions, and also the tiny roads far below us.  We moved further into the city to see the most famous of all the bridges.  There were trails that lead you to different views of the bridge.  At the top of the trail I thought that it couldn’t get any more beautiful, but as we moved on Ronda proved me wrong.  The trail came to an end at the creek that fed into a waterfall.  Being the adventurers that we are, we broke the rules and hopped the fence to climb into the creek.  Behind the bridge was a large gorge that gave a little more perspective on how far down we were.  After exploring this area we went to the other side of the bridge to climb up to the top of the waterfall.  To say the least the view was more than incredible.  During this trip to Ronda I was reminded of how beautiful our God made this world for us to enjoy.  There were a few times that the scenery truly made me stop and remember what my God has done for me.  He brought me to this amazing place to let me bask in the glory of his creation.  IMG_4909IMG_4915IMG_4920IMG_4958IMG_4969

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