Showing off Seville

My favorite stop on Micah and I’s European adventure was by far Sevilla.  I might be biased but I think that Sevilla is one of the most romantic cities I have ever been to and Micah agreed.  The weather difference from Paris could not have been more opposite, wearing shorts and dresses was a nice change from a big coat and jeans.  The nice thing about our Sevilla stop was that we had no plans and Micah had his own personal tour guide.  It made me the happiest person in the world to show someone I love so much a place that has captured my heart and become a part of me.  I was so glad that Micah seemed to enjoy Sevilla as much as I do.  The first night that we arrived my host mother had us and some of my closest friends here over for dinner.  She pulled out all the stops for “Michael” as she calls him, she can’t seem to understand the name Micah!  During the dinner I think her goal was to make sure that everyone was fat and drunk, she made everything in the kitchen and also emptied her liquor cabinet!  She is truly my Spanish mama and a Saint for putting up with Dyl and I.


The next morning I took him for one of my favorite treats that can be had at any time of the day, Churros con Chocolate.  His sweet tooth is not nearly as big as mine so it was kind of a lot right away in the morning, but I could eat these things all day long!  Later that day I gave him a glimpse of my daily routine, and showed him all around my beautiful city.



On what was supposed to be our last day in Sevilla we explored the beautiful Alcazar gardens.  I had not yet visited so this is one thing that we were able to experience for the first time together.  It was a perfect day to explore the green gardens, everything was just blooming as the weather was transitioning to Spring.  After exploring the Alcazar we went on a boat ride with a few of my friends here.  It was a blast having Micah get to know the people I have been spending so much time with.  After the boat ride we went and drank by the river, one of my favorite things to do here in Sevilla.




The next morning we were supposed to leave Sevilla and head to Rome.  Our flight took off at 6am and before heading to bed I set multiple alarms.  Well the next morning I wake and look at the time in a panic.  I scream for Micah to wake up and check his time to see if my eyes were fooling me, they weren’t.  We over slept and it was currently 530.  We both snap awake and start throwing everything we can find into our suitcases.  As I am packing up the last of the safe I can’t seem to find my passport.  I then realize it is all the way at my homestay, if I wasn’t in enough of a panic already I was on my way to a heart attack now.  We run out to a cab, head to my homestay, and then to the airport.  To no surprise we have missed our flight.  After considering our options we book a flight to Rome the next afternoon and head back to Sevilla.  We find wifi and book ourselves a nice hotel as we were feeling sorry for ourselves.  Although we had missed our flight we had to look at the bright side, we had one more day in Spain and couldn’t complain.  We spent our day relaxing and I was able to show Micah a few more of my favorite parts of Sevilla.  The next day we were determined not to miss another flight!




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