Less than 12 hours in Rome

After a disastrous first attempt in trying to get to Rome, Micah and I finally made it to Italy.  We arrived late afternoon which only left us a few short hours of sunlight and time to site see.  I was scheduled to leave early the next morning and Micah in the early afternoon.  My mom felt so bad about our flight mishap that she offered to find us a night tour so that we were able to see some of Rome.  Our most important goal was to get some amazing food in our bellies.  Since being in Europe I have noticed that wherever you go you must plan at least 45 minutes of travel from the airport to the center of any city.  This is quite annoying because you feel as though you waste so much time just getting to and from the airport.  But I am also thankful for this because it keeps the cities authenticity in tact.


After checking into our Airbnb we head to hunt down some amazing pizza, because we were in a rush it wasn’t the best but it did the trick.  We then found our night tour bus and hopped on.  It was an excellent tour and we were able to see all the main sites in Rome.  The downfall being we didn’t get to go inside anywhere.  One of the stops was at the Trevi Fountain.  This stop was also disappointing due to the reconstruction going on.  Although most of the fountain was closed we were still able to throw in a coin in hopes of returning.  I  kind of cheated the system by throwing in a coin because I am lucky enough to already know I am coming back to Rome with my family in June!  Micah on the other hand threw in a coin with hopes that he will someday return for more than 12 hours to see the city.




At the end of our tour we were led to a small neighborhood that was filled with amazing local restaurants.  In a small square there were lots of young people gathering and drinking.  This reminded me of a certain grassy part near the river in Sevilla where many college students gather and drink at night.  Micah and I decided to stay in this area and hopefully find some amazing Italian food.  Our goal was officially accomplished after discovering a restaurant in one of these neighborhood streets.  In honor of my sister I ordered the gnocchi, and oh man I am glad I did.  The gnocchi actually melted in my mouth.  There are no words to describe how amazing this food was.  The appetizer, main meal, wine, and dessert all far surpassed my expectations.  This food made up for the flight disaster we went through, and made for an amazing last night before Micah had to return home.




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