For my social media class we were assigned to look up a controversial topic on Wikipedia.  The goal was to see if the page was biased towards one side and if the facts on the page are portrayed correctly.  The topic that I choose to look into was interracial marriage.  Right when I looked at the Wikipedia page there was a notice that the page had many problems.  Some including, needing insight from a professional opinion, providing insufficient context for those unfamiliar with the subject, not representing a worldwide view, and not being able to summarize the key points in the leading paragraph.

Throughout the page there are multiple places in which a source is cited.  This leads me to believe that the information is credible.  Although the page has some good insight on the subject, there are also many flaws present on this page.  Some of the sections on the page are very short and some are pretty lengthy.  The opening paragraph is not strong and does not vividly explain to the reader what is to come.  The section on legality in each country is very lengthy and takes up most of the page.  Once getting down to the complication sections the paragraphs and explanations are extremely short and vague.  Overall I would suggest looking elsewhere if you are interested in learning about interracial marriages.

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