A Cultural Experience

On my long weekend off of school I also had the chance to visit Amsterdam.  We took a train in the morning from Brussels to Amsterdam and then headed straight to our hostel to drop off our bags.  This was my first hostel experience and to say the least it wasn’t the best.  Sharing a room with eight people is not ideal, even if I knew everyone.  Quite the learning experience that’s for sure!  My time in Amsterdam was filled with lots of activities and some of my favorite museums I have visited thus far. During our visit the weather didn’t hold us back too much but there were a few times we got stuck in some rain and hail, which was not the best look for my hair.  While in Amsterdam we visited Vondelpark which was absolutely massive and beautiful but I can’t imagine how beautiful it would’ve been in the Spring when everything is in bloom.  I think in every city I visit I think to myself that it would be that much better in a warmer climate, but I can’t complain!  Our first day in Amsterdam we visited the Heineken museum, which was much more modern than I expected.  They had all kinds of fun games and different lounges that made it a much different experience than any normal museum.  It also helped that they gave you three free beers while you were there.



On our first night in Amsterdam some of us went to check out the Red Light District.  I was honestly imagining the worst, and had no idea what to expect.  After seeing it I don’t think anything could have prepared me for what I saw.  While walking down the street there were women basically naked standing behind glass patio doors.  They just wait for someone to walk through their door and then they shut the curtain that hangs in front of the window.  I had no desire to know what happens behind those closed doors, although I’m sure anyone could guess.  Now since we were in the Red Light District we thought we had to give in to the culture and see a sex show.  There was no way I was going to spend forty euros and sit there for hours so we found a two-minute show.  Us girls were too scared to go alone so the three of us squeezed into a tiny room and inserted our coin into the slot.  The fogged window in front of us cleared and there were two people just doing it right in front of us!  I was absolutely shocked and am permanently scarred.  To say the least, never again.


On our last day we went and got dutch apple pancakes for breakfast.  I think my taste buds died and went to heaven, they were that amazing.  Afterwards we went to the Rijksmuseum, the most amazing museum I have visited thus far.  It was filled with all dutch art, sculptures, drawings, jewels, armor, canons, boats, etc.  It was so huge that in two hours I didn’t even get to see a fourth of it!  During our time in Amsterdam we also visited the Picasso museum, which I loved, and the Anne Frank house.  I’m still not quite sure if they actually filmed the Fault in our Stars there.  Our final stop before leaving Amsterdam was to the Nutella bakery where they had Nutella cans the size of my face.  Amsterdam was quite the cultural experience, and filled with great memories.





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