After my European adventure with Micah I was exhausted from travel and just wanted to rest for a few days in Sevilla. Even though I was exhausted I had only about one and a half days at home before I was on another eight-day adventure for my first Spring break here in Spain.  Dylan and I’s first stop was Budapest!  We got there during the late evening and were personally picked up by a car service that stood there holding a sign with our names on it, we felt pretty important.  While driving to our Airbnb we were able to see the city all lit up, this is when I started to fall in love with Budapest.  Our apartment was in the perfect location, we walked out our door and could see the river and Chain Bridge to our right.  To our left there was a center that had an adorable Hungarian market.




The next morning we were to meet for our walking tour near the “farmers market”, we found a stand with amazing strudel for breakfast.  During our walking tour we learned some very interesting facts about Budapest.  One being that it is actually pronounced Buda-Pesht, and that Hungarian is the second most difficult language in the world.  Budapest is known for their famous baths and during our tour the tour guide pointed us to the bath that he thought was the most beautiful of them all.  While walking back down a large hill after our tour had finished I slipped, fell down the stairs, and was then covered in mud, typical.  I was in desperate need to change so Dyl and I went back to our apartment to change and grab our suits. Our first stop was a traditional Hungarian restaurant.  Hungary is known for their wine so of course we had to dry the local delicacy.  We also ordered traditional Hungarian goulash and for dessert a fried dough in a cream sauce with berries.  All of the food we ordered at this meal was to die for.  I think our dessert was one of the best I have ever had!




After stuffing our faces we decided it was a good idea to throw on a swimsuit.  We headed for the bath, and when arriving we found out the ancient bath is only open for men that day, just our luck.  Fortunately some of the other natural baths were still open.  The whole experience felt as though we were in a type of prairie life.  First we went to change and lock up our clothes, then we walked through the building to the area with the baths.  Each bath had a different temperature, and one of them actually had ice cubes being dumped into it!  My favorite bath was up on the roof top looking over all of Budapest.  After relaxing for a while longer, a shower and a nap were in order. We of course didn’t make it home right after the baths because the market caught our attention with its lively attitude and live music.  We decided to look around at the shops, enjoy some local food, and buy some souvenirs for our family.  I am quite the picky eater so I am very surprised I enjoyed the Langos as much as I did.  Langos is a fried bread with sour cream, cheese, and garlic.  Quite the amazing flavor combination!




That night we planned to experience another element of Budapest, the temple bars.  The first bar we went to was so interesting and had about seven different bars set up.  Temple bars used to be abandoned stores that people took over and placed random items from the street all over the walls and ceilings.  The chairs are made from old cars cut in half and random buckets.  The vibe is like nothing I have ever experienced.  I especially liked the first one because one of the bars had an endless list of cocktails that I would not be able to find in Sevilla anywhere.  Later we decided to check out a few of the other temple bars in the area, big mistake.  The first one we went to was absolutely terrifying.  Dylan and I found ourselves stuck in between a themed party filled with Ninja Turtles and bunnies…  We ordered one drink, stared at the scene that was taking place, and tried to get out of that place as fast as we could.  We should have just gone home then, but decided to push our luck, again, big mistake.  As we walked up to the next temple bar we open the door to an absolutely deserted place, no customers, no workers, nothing.  But yet the doors were completely unlocked…So creepy! We decided we couldn’t take anymore and started to walk home.  We walked past another bar and went inside because I guess we hadn’t had enough.  We stayed until they shut the place down and ended one hell of a night.


The next morning our Airbnb was kind enough to let us keep our luggage in their office until our bus left.  If anyone is traveling to Budapest please let me know and I’ll give you their information, they were excellent hosts!  We of course then went back to the market for lunch and a traditional chimney cake, yum!  Our last day in Budapest was raining off and on so we had the chance to get lost in the streets and find small venues to take cover in.  One being a little hidden tea shop with over 1000 tea’s to choose from. That night we left at 11pm on a bus through the night on our next adventure to Prague!



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